Do you speak French ?

Welcome to the podcast Do You Speak French? The podcast to learn French in a fun way Do you speak French ?  is a podcast where French from Québec and French from France will finally meet and… get along! More than 7 millions of Canadians speak French and the majority live in the province of Quebec. There are many resources out there that are French (from France) but not so many are Canadian so Do You Speak French? is a place for those 2 versions of French to meet and see how similar or different they are! I am Saliha, born and raised in France and I will be talking to Ella, born and raised in Quebec.  She is a French teacher and she just launched her first online course about French Pronounciation.New episode/course of Do you speak French is aired every week on Saliha Radio ( ( or ( et you can download the radio application Saliha radio for free if you prefer (Apple Store, Google Play):The episode is scheduled on Saturday and Sunday at 2pm30 and 8pm30 (Paris time) and on Tuesday and Thursay at 2am30 and 8am45 (Paris time)To learn more French go to :