Sat 30 Oct 2021
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Cold Turkey

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Cold Turkey

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Dennis Gillan is a national thought leader on the topic of Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Advocacy. He travels internationally speaking, raising awareness, and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. Dennis has been deeply touched by suicide after the losses of two of his brothers to suicide 11 years apart. After years of sitting on the sidelines, he jumped into helping those in need by working on the suicide prevention hotline when he lived in Chicago. After moving to South Carolina, Dennis got involved with several non-profits that take on mental health issues and this allows him to lobby lawmakers and raise awareness by sharing his story. Dennis did a TEDx talk on loneliness and recently started his own non-profit called the Half a Sorrow Foundation. You can find out more here: (
Fb: dennisgillanspeaker
Instagram: Dennisgillan
Twitter: Dgillan
TEDx talk: ( 
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