Sat 11 Dec 2021
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Cold Turkey

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Cold Turkey

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Kim Ledgerwood is a Retired Police Officer of 30 years, in her 28th year she experienced
One of her last traumas while at work that led her into addictions and suicidal thoughts.
Kim fought to live and entered herself into a rehab for addictions and treatment for Post Traumic Stress Disorder.
Once out she proceeded to co author a book entitled, “Empowering Woman to Succeed - Legacy” and has been
Recently informed she is a finalist in the 2021 Inspiration Woman Awards being held this Month!
Kim found her sobriety and regained her faith. She retired in February and started her own business called the Crazy Water Girls where she still helps the public, but this time with their health, through her passion of sharing the gift of living water.
Kim has 2 daughters and now spends half her time in Ontario and half her time in Florida where she runs her business and enjoys the serenity of the beach.

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