Sat 18 Apr 2020
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Cold Turkey

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Cold Turkey

March 2018….He had it all. Then, he lost it all in a horrible accident on an ordinary winter\'s day when his car was hit by a train. This reads like the stuff of nightmares in a film.

In the blink of an eye his life as he knew it was gone.

Not everyone survived, but someone was born, again. There are no coincidences. How does someone come back from that? In the midst of the destruction, something positive started to grow.

Paul Rogers\' believes that his struggle will be someone else\'s survival guide.  He has used his experiences having sustained a severe TBI and CPTSD to write under the pen name of Kate Summers.  The first book in a mini series, “The White Wolf’s Way: A Step-By-Step Guide to Self Compassion” (free on Amazon) was released in February 2020, and it has reached no1 in 3 self-help categories and received the Amazon best seller banner.
For Paul this is just the start of a journey of self discovery, helping others to discover their own inner strength in the face of adversity and seemingly impossible odds.
Get Paul’s new book released this Friday 3rd April 2020. “The White Wolf’s Way – Easy Changes for a Better life”. Enjoy I hope you find your White Wolf
For more resources see his website at
Paul’s First Book - The White Wolf’s Way. Volume 1 (Free on


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