In his own words: \"I have a background as first responder, so I am used to high stake environments with tremendous stress. I became a Human Potential Coach because I saw the value in coaching and the discipline, values, and principles that were instilled into me, and I wanted to give that gift back to others. As an Integrative Health Practitioner I understand the value of health and the body, and understand how the body and mind are one. If your body is not functioning properly, there\'s a chance your mind is not at peak performance either. There is a reason why top business leaders and professional athletes hire specific coaches for specific aspects of their lives: diet, exercise, spirituality, presentation skills, interpersonal communication skills, leadership skills, public speaking, team building, marriage, investing, and more. Top performers understand the importance of guidance and accountability that comes from effective coaching.

I launched my coaching business and podcast to share the gifts with others and empower them the same way that was provided by me by such amazing influencers.\"
Joel is what is known as a Biohacker. There are multiple readings about the subject but I would recommend looking at one of the pioneer of this subject, Dave Asprey:
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