Sat 16 May 2020
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Cold Turkey

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Cold Turkey

This week I met with Violette De Ayala: a great human being that makes possible for others what she had wished she\'d find more of when she was younger: a true sense of self-identity, roots recognition and blossoming. It was a great conversation that can\'t wait to share!
In her own words: 
Momma to 3 humans, 1 non-human and with Steve for over 27 years! Do I get a prize now?
I launched my first business at the age of 22 and haven\'t looked back. 
As a social and serial entrepreneur with an obsession for business growth, I am seasoned in the rocky road of self-employment and understand the challenges and obstacles women face when creating their own vision of success. My latest passion led me in creating one of fastest growing International Business Organizations for Women [FemCity®].
I am also the Author of The Self-Guided Guru, Life Lessons for the Everyday Human which is an International Amazon Best Seller Top 50 in the US and Top 10 in Canada for Self-Help and Spirituality.
You can find Violette here:
And her book: The Self-Guided Guru: Life Lessons for the Everyday Human


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